“Solace” – Large Rubellite Dome


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Rubellite is such a powerful stone – it is for true energy work, working with the root chakra for grounding, and self-forgiveness and healing, as well as the heart chakra for healing heart wounds.  This stone is said to bring an influx of energy, love, and forgiveness to the home – as well as providing a healthy stable foundation.

The properties of rubellite are positive, uplifting, and provide strength and support during tough times and trials.  A perfect stone for recovery of all types, it helps to soothe the damaged soul and heart.  Also wonderful for setting love intentions and for focusing on leaving the past behind.  Strengthens friendships and promotes sympathy.

Self-standing with a flat base, very striking and unique.

Measures 4.5inch (114 mm) x 3.5 inch (89mm) x 2.5 inch (64mm). (See gallery for photo with a quarter for scale.)


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