Sugar Goddess Skadi


Skadi, named for the Norse goddess of winter, ice, and snow, is an ice-blue scrub with scents of peppermint and rosemary.



Our Sugar Goddess Skadi scrub is a light-blue sugar scrub named in honor of the Norse goddess of winter, ice, and snow. Cooling peppermint and rosemary evoke the mountain winter. Both are associated with purification, healing, and clarity. With coconut oil for its softening and smoothing effects, sugar to cleanse and exfoliate, and just a hint of sparkle, Skadi will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, and your soul feeling empowered and motivated.

Skadi is a Norse goddess, one of the few goddesses to tread the boundary between frost-giants and divinities. With her domain and power over winter, she was given the hand of the god Njordr (of sea and fishing) in marriage in order to compensate her for her father’s Thjazi’s death, to prevent her taking vengeance. She is therefore known as a bride of the gods, as well as a goddess in her own right.

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Weight .375 lbs

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