Sugar Goddess Scents of Summer – Artist’s Choice


Let our artist hand-select a sugar scrub from our stock just for you!



Our Sugar Goddess Scents of Summer line is handmade at home, in small batches, to ensure the highest quality and consistency of ingredients.

My two-year-old grandson is at an age where he wants to put everything in his mouth. When I caught him “investigating” my blessing salt supplies one day, I had to tell him that while they smell delicious, they shouldn’t be eaten! But inspiration struck me to create a more kid-friendly version of the blessing salts, a scrub that would be gentler for little hands, and just fine if someone decided to taste-test. With a base of sugar and coconut oil, and all natural ingredients, I even test them on my own family knowing that they are safe.

Our scrubs have no harsh chemicals, are all natural, and you can feel safe knowing that they are organic and healthy for your skin.  They are even edible!  (Although we recommend that you use them as a scrub, as that’s what they are intended for!)

Our Sugar Goddess sugar scrubs are made with simple ingredients, in a combination that ensures that your skin is left soft and smooth, and never oily.  They are gently exfoliating, not harsh, and they smell absolutely amazing.  For the Scents of Summer line, I chose scents and colors that would bring out the best memories and feelings of summertime, from nostalgic childhood treats to sophisticated summer cocktails.

Our Sugar Goddess Sugar Scrubs come in an airtight glass jar and a bamboo scoop is included.  

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Weight .375 lbs

Regular (8oz), Mini (4oz)


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