Sugar Goddess Eirene


Eirene, named for the Greek goddess of peace, is a soothing white scrub with scents of chamomile and vanilla.



Our Sugar Goddess Eirene scrub is a white sugar scrub named in honor of the Greek goddess of peace, serenity, and harmony. The scent of vanilla is known to enhance inner serenity and harmony, and chamomile too brings relaxation as well as protection. With coconut oil for its softening and smoothing effects, sugar to cleanse and exfoliate, and just a hint of sparkle, Eirene will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, and your soul feeling peaceful and at ease.

Eirene’s Roman equivalent is Pax. In her Greek form,  she is the daughter of Zeus, king of the gods, and Themis, the personification of divine order and custom. Her sisters are Dike, Justice, and Eunomia, Good Law. She is depicted holding a cornucopia and often called by titles invoking wealth and prosperity, because people are best able to flourish in times of peace and tranquillity.

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Weight .375 lbs

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