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Handcrafted “Renew Salt” created by Sticks & Stones Magic

Our handcrafted Renew Salt (Jacob’s special blend) is a custom blended bath salt that contains hints of chamomile, lavender and rosemary, along with other ingredients that aid in revitalizing energy.  This salt is meant to be added to your bath or sprinkled on your feet while showering.  The special ingredients in Renew Salt help you to refocus, refresh and reinvigorate your life.  If you are feeling stuck, are suffering from stress, or are facing some of life’s challenges, this is the ideal salt for you.

Each of our handcrafted blessing salts is created with focused intention.  Before they are sent on their way, they are dedicated by smudging with sage and blessing oil.   Your custom blended salt will arrive to you in a clear, milk bottle shaped glass jar with a cork.  Bottle measures 4″high x 2″ in diameter.

Our salt should be stored in an airtight container.  High humidity can affect the pourability of the salt.  Contents are not meant to be eaten.  *Black salt should be used with care, as it can stain certain surfaces.

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