Money Spell Kit by Sticks and Stones Magic


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This money spell kit comes complete with the physical ingredients you will need to perform an effective 7-day money-calling spell, including a set of instructions written by an experienced magical practitioner.

Two sticks of “Call Money” incense by HEM, two green chime candles, two charcoal discs, and a green organza spell pouch shimmering with golden stars will help you set your intentions for prosperity and abundance. Our “Money” candle, a reiki-charged green pillar candle with soothing and powerful aromas of nutmeg, myrrh, citronella, cloves, cinnamon, and rain, is a powerful aid in achieving your objective. A substantial packet of mixed herbs chosen for their magical properties will be used in creating your charm bag and burning during the ritual. The beautiful pyrite and green aventurine pieces that come with the kit will help you set your intentions on a prosperous track long after the spell is over. Finally, a small, clear bottle filled with 22-karat gold flakes will empower you to share the blessing with someone else in your life.

We put together every money spell kit with care and the highest intentions, and we cleanse each item before sending it out to you. Our excellent value for this carefully curated kit will kickstart the financial blessing with real savings. Supplies are limited!


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