Banish Salt – Now, In a Larger Size!

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Handcrafted “Banish Salt” created by Sticks & Stones Magic

Our handcrafted Banish salt is a custom blended black salt that contains hints of eucalyptus, frankincense, and patchouli –  three powerful ingredients for helping to ward off negativity, banishing, and breaking hexes.  This salt is meant to be poured in a line at thresholds and windows, to prevent anything negative from entering your home.

You can also place a small amount in a cloth bag and hide in your work area to ward off gossip, negativity, and anger.  Sprinkling a pinch behind an unwanted person may prevent them from returning, using on your altar can provide a level of protection during spells and magic and spreading in a small amount on the four corners of your property can help to keep unwanted guests at bay.

Each of our handcrafted blessing salts is created with focused intention.  Before they are sent on their way, they are dedicated by smudging with sage and blessing oil.   Your custom blended salt will arrive to you in a half-pint (8 oz) Ball jar!

Our salt should be stored in an airtight container.  High humidity can affect the pourability of the salt.  Contents are not meant to be eaten.  *Black salt should be used with care, as it can stain certain surfaces.

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1 review for Banish Salt – Now, In a Larger Size!

  1. Jen

    I was having problems with my neighbor and their company. It was to the point where my anger and fear combined. Personally what people do is there own business but when it starts to effect my family than it becomes my business. The final straw was when the neighbors company parked in front of my house wanting to argue with my kids. This was not the first time that this has happened. I finally had the courage to just confront my neighbor and his company. He did not seem to care. So I reached out to Debi. I used the salt the next morning. I have not had a problem since. The air feels more clear. Like a blanket has been lifted and we can finally breath. I would recommended this to anyone.

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