Alester Crowley in America (hc) by Tobias Churton


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Alester Crowley in America (hc) by Tobias Churton from Sticks & Stones Magic

An exploration of CrowleyÕs relationship with the United States. Details CrowleyÕs travels, passions, literary and artistic endeavors, sex magick, and psychedelic experimentation. Investigates CrowleyÕs undercover intelligence adventures that actively promoted U.S. involvement in WWI.Includes an abundance of previously unpublished letters and diaries. Occultist, magician, poet, painter, and writer Aleister CrowleyÕs three sojourns in America sealed both his notoriety and his lasting influence. Using previously unpublished diaries and letters, Tobias Churton traces CrowleyÕs extensive travels through America and his quest to implant a new magical and spiritual consciousness in the United States, while working to undermine GermanyÕs propaganda campaign to keep the United States out of WWI.

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