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Our incense & supplies will help you elevate your ritual and magical practice to higher levels.

For thousands of years the rising smoke of burning incense has symbolized intentions, hopes, and prayers rising to heaven, while the rich fragrances promote an ideal state of mind and spirit. A potent catalyst for memory and awareness, the scent of burning incense can help establish a feeling of continuity and peace in your meditative practice, and infuse any ritual with a deep sense of the sacred.

You can burn incense during rituals, castings, blessings, simple meditation, or just to fill your home with pleasant associations and positive energy. Afterward, you can gather the ash for use as an ingredient in a number of traditional recipes.

We offer a varied selection of incense, supplies, and burners, so you can use this ancient and powerful tool in the most safe, effective, and convenient way for your own lifestyle.


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