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Sugar Goddess Aurora

sugar goddess, sugar scrub, sugar goddess eirene

Sugar Goddess Eirene


Sugar Goddess Flora

sugar goddess skadi, sugar scrubs, sugar goddess, sugar goddess sugar scrubs, peppermint, rosemary

Sugar Goddess Skadi

sugar scrub, sugar goddess, scrubs, ambrosia

Sugar Goddess Vesta


Banish Salt – Now, In a Larger Size!

sugar goddess scents of summer, artist's choice, sugar scrubs,

Sugar Goddess Scents of Summer – Artist’s Choice

sugar goddess sugar scrubs, sugar goddess, sugar scrubs

Sugar Goddess Sugar Scrubs – Artist’s Choice


Showing 13–20 of 20 results

Why You Should Buy Handmade

Our handmade items are made with simple ingredients, in a combination that ensures that your skin is left soft and smooth, and never oily.  They are gently exfoliating, not harsh, and they smell absolutely amazing.  Our Goddess Scrubs are safe to use on all areas of your body (even the sensitive areas like your face and lips) and leave your skin smooth and polished.  The Handcrafted Blessing Salts (with the exception of Banish) can be used in the bath if you are wanting to work on those tougher areas like heels, knees, and elbows, or just want a scented soak.  They can also be sprinkled at your feet in the shower, if you don’t have time for a bath, releasing their aroma to help you with your intentions in the morning.  Banish Salt is our custom blended protection or black salt, which is to be used in spells, at doorways and windowsills.  All of our products can also be used in spellwork or placed on your altar. For our Goddess Scrubs, I chose scents and colors that honor the Goddesses that they are named after including Aurora (orange and vanilla), Vesta (honey, brown sugar and cinnamon),  Flora (lavender and almond), Skadi (peppermint and rosemary), Aphrodite (rose, vanilla and a blend of spices) and Eirene (vanilla and chamomile).  Our Goddess Sugar Scrubs come in an airtight glass jar and a bamboo scoop is included.   Created to help with specific intention and need, our Handcrafted Blessing Salts (Focus, Breathe, Dream, Banish, Lift, Renew and Cherish)  were made by blending essence of hibiscus, lavender, rose, orange, patchouli, eucalyptus, dragon’s blood and many others (depending on the specific spell) with pure Dead Sea salt or pink Himalayan salt.  Most of the Blessing Salts are meant to be used in the bath or shower or in spellwork.  Our custom blended salt will arrive to you in a clear, milk bottle shaped glass jar with a cork lid.