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Amethyst Worry Stone

stone heart, worry stone, angelite heart stone

Angelite Heart


Banded Agate Worry Stone


Black Agate Worry Stone


Black Obsidian Worry Stone


Bone Worry Stone

brecciated jasper heart, red jasper, stone heart, worry stone

Brecciated Jasper Heart

carnelian heart, worry stone, stone heart, carnelian, tumbled

Carnelian Heart

chevron amethyst heart, stone heart, amethyst, worry stone, pocket stone

Chevron Amethyst Heart


Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

clear quartz heart, crystal heart, crystal quartz, stone heart, worry stone

Clear Quartz Heart

fluorite heart, heart stone, worry stone, stone heart, green and purple

Fluorite Heart


Showing 1–12 of 38 results