Debi Reberg’s Handcrafted Magic

Debi Reberg's Handcrafted Magic

Debi Correa-Reberg has had a personal passion for magic since she was very young.  She was raised in a traditional family, with a hint of Mexican and Mayan folk magic taught to her by her grandmother.  Understanding her relationship with the earth, Debi considers herself pagan and practices magic and witchcraft with the ultimate goal of helping others and improving their lives.

Debi is an avid paranormal enthusiast, traveling across the United States to investigate haunted locations.  Recently, she has begun blending her paganism with her traditional investigative techniques and has experienced an increased level of paranormal activity.  Smudging, cleansing, working with crystals, stones, and oils have improved the experience overall and brought her closer to the spirit world.

Debi’s handcrafted, custom blended blessing salts started out as a way to help friends and family with different concerns, but after hearing their testimonials, she has decided to offer them in the online magic store.  Each blessing salt will be hand-blended, treated with sage or palo santo, and blessing oils.