About Us

Sticks & Stones Magic is dedicated to bringing you quality tools, handcrafted items, and ideas and advice for your journey into the world of magic.  We celebrate using the bounty of Mother Earth for many of our handcrafted items and create our items with pure intention.  We celebrate the diversity of practices and are most familiar with paganism and garden magic.

About Sticks & Stones Magic - Online Wiccan Supplies & Witchcraft Items

We are active paranormal seekers, and combine magic with technology, common sense and personal experience in our research.  We have been known to create a sacred circle prior to investigation, and have carried grounding stones, amulets, and salts during the experience, and have smudged afterward.  

We strongly feel that magic is as ancient as time itself, and this helps us to connect to those who have gone before us. We welcome any and all interaction with the other side.

We partner with like-minded people for guest blogs, featured artists of the month, and guidance to ensure that you have a truly magical experience.