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Introducing Our 7-Day Money Calling Spell Kit

Sticks and Stones Magic is proud to offer our custom created Spell Kits.  We realized that we could use our expertise to create powerful and affordable Spell Kits for those who may not yet be confident putting together their own kit, or who just want the convenience of a kit that has been hand selected in advance to suit their magickal intentions.

Our first kit is a Money Calling Spell Kit.   This spell is used to call money to you.  Included in the kit are enough tools for the full 7-day spell.  You perform the first half of the spell on a full moon. You will then create and carry the charm bag with you for 7 days after the first half of the spell.  After the 7 days, you will perform the spell again.

The kit includes incense, a Reiki charged candle, chime candles, a bottle of 22k gold flakes, stones, herbs, a charm bag, and written instructions.  Other tools needed – matches or lighter, cauldron or safe place to burn, incense holder, a coin.

We personally created this kit because we often receive requests for spells that help with financial difficulties.  We know that putting together and purchasing the individual components of a Money Drawing kit can create further financial hardship, so we have done this for you, and at a deep discount – rather than having to purchase each component individually, we have created a kit that can be both personal and powerful, and affordable!

We have not skimped on the contents.  We have personally selected and added the highest quality ingredients to the kit, including reiki-charged candles, real gold, long-burning and powerful incense whose specific purpose is to bring in money, and stones whose properties bring wealth and prosperity to their owners.  We personally bless and hand-pack each kit ourselves, so it is done with the best intentions.  We have provided written instructions, as well as the specific words to say as you work your magick.  And we have provided enough ingredients to perform the spell twice, adding that boost at the end of the 7 days, to continue to bring prosperity to your life.

This Money Calling kit also has the added benefit of smelling absolutely amazing – with scents of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, citronella, myrrh, and rain.




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