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8 Ways to Honor the Super Blue Blood Moon

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The Super Blue Blood Moon that is occurring on January 31st is the first one any of us will experience, as the last one was 150 years ago!  It is a rare trifecta of a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon.  A “supermoon” is when a full moon occurs at the same time as when it has reached the closest point of the moon’s orbit with Earth. The result: the moon appears larger and noticeably brighter than normal.  The “blue moon” portion of this rare event is when there is a second full moon in a month. (The first supermoon was on January 1 – and it was the biggest and brightest one expected this year).  The “blood moon” is when the sunbeams peek out around the edges of the moon during a lunar eclipse, making the moon appear to be a reddish color.

This rare moon cycle is the perfect time to work some magic!  Below are 10 ways to work with the moon energies during this exciting occurrence.

Meditation– If you are able, sit directly in moonlight (either through a window, or head outside if weather allows.)  Close your eyes turn your face up towards the moon, and imagine that the white pure light of the moon is enveloping you with a protective sphere.  The white light is cleansing you, releasing any anxiety or depression, and replacing it with soul food.  It is like a bubble surrounding you with positivity.  Breathe in to the count of three, filling your lungs as completely as you can.  Release your breath to the count of 7, imagining all negative thoughts are in your breath and are being exhaled out of you, through the light, being cleansed and released out into the universe.  Breathe deeply again, imagining that all of your wonderful intentions are being set loose deep inside you, and exhale out anything that is not good in your life.  Sit in this position for a minimum of 15 minutes, breathing deeply and exhaling fully.

Create Moon Water – you will need a tall container with a sealable lid.  Mason jars are great for this purpose.  Fill your container with water, add three pinches of salt, and a clear quartz crystal.  Set the jar outside, hopefully in direct moonlight.  Allow the water to sit outside (weather permitting) throughout the eclipse, bringing it back inside when the eclipse is done.  If it is too cold, set the water in a windowsill where the moon can be seen.  You can use this powerful water to clean your altar tools, water plants, cleanse crystals, and in spells.  You can also use this water when casting circles, or drawing sigils.

Harvest Ritual – harvest herbs, plants, leaves, flowers and berries in the full moonlight while saying “I gather these gifts from Mother Earth in the light of the Moon to bless my home, my family and those I love.  I ask permission of the Moon Goddess to use this bounty for the benefit of others.”

Burning Ritual – Light a bonfire on your property, if you have the space and weather allows.  Throw herbs into the fire (rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, bay leaves) asking for negativity to be banished and asking for prosperity to come to you.  Write your intentions for the year on a piece of paper, and burn in the bonfire.  If there are sticks and leaves lying about your yard, burn those, asking for Brigid’s blessings and guidance towards the light.  Banish those you wish to remove from your life by writing their names on scraps of paper, and burning them.   Release past hurt and pain by writing it with your finger on paper, and throwing the paper into the fire.  If you are unable to make a bonfire, light a candle in a large heatproof container, and do the same things, just on a smaller scale.

Charge crystals –  All crystals can be recharged and energized in the powerful light of the moon. Lay them out on a sheet tray or a plate, or even just outside in the moonlight.  Leave them outside overnight, gathering before the sun rises.  The energy of the moon is absorbed by the crystals, recharging and energizing them – and cleansing them of anything negative.

Prosperity Spell – working any spell in the light of the moon adds to its power, so what better spell to do than prosperity?  Prosperity can mean many things to many people – in this case, we will call it an abundance type of spell, being prosperous in love, money, friendship and health.  Whenever you are asking for something, you should always make an offering.  I use nuts (mostly almonds), coins, and a candle (usually green, but white will work too).  Light your candle, and place your nuts in a grid pattern around the candle.  In between the nuts, place coins, in whatever pattern feels right to you.  Ask the moon goddess to share her bounty with you, stating your intentions and what prosperity means to you.  Name those in your life who may need a boost, need blessings for health, need more money, a new job, etc.  Ask for prosperity to reach them.

Reconnect to Your Tarot Deck – sometimes after awhile, the energy can seem diminished with your old tried and true Tarot Deck, and the temptation arises to put it away, get a new deck, or just stop working with tarot altogether.  Much like crystals and altar tools, your tarot deck can be re-energized in the moonlight, and best of all, you can re-establish that connection that you once had.  Take a blanket or large altar cloth and your tarot deck with you.  Either outside in direct moonlight, or in a window facing the moon, spread the blanket or altar cloth out in front of you.  One at a time, take one card from the deck, and hold it to your forehead (third eye) or your heart.  Think about the meaning of each card, and concentrate on the exchange of energy from you to the card, and the card back to you.   Do this with each card, laying them face down as you reconnect.  Once you have gone through every card, shuffle them, making sure to touch and thank each card.  Gather them up, and bring them to your bedroom.  Sleep with them under your pillow.  Imagine that while you sleep, your energy is flowing back and forth from you to the cards, and back again.  In the morning, remove the cards from under your pillow and place them in a place of honor (an altar, for example) until the evening.  Put them back under your pillow, and sleep again – do this for three days and nights in a row, and enjoy your recharged tarot deck!

For the Daring:  Go Skyclad and Perform a Moon Dance – this one needs no explanation, as there is no right or wrong in your dance.  Get naked, feel the moonlight on your skin, and dance like no one is watching! (Make sure no one IS watching, you don’t want to get arrested under the Super Blue Blood Moon!)

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