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Connecting to Source: Staying Grounded in the Eye of the Storm

Connecting to Source: Staying Grounded in the Eye of the Storm

Staying grounded is one of the most important steps on all of our collective paths.  Whether you are Wiccan, eclectic, hedge, druid, pagan or any other practitioner of the craft, the common theme seems to be reconnecting to what makes us who we are – the source.  The source is the tie that binds.  The giver of life.  The Provider.  It can be God, a goddess, mother earth, father sky, your totem, your dragon, water, air…whatever you are most deeply connected to.  Source is where your journey begins and ends.

Have you felt it?  The raised, almost frenetic, energy and vibration that is affecting the world today?  It seems like we are on the cusp of something….well, big.  And maybe frightening.  Or maybe exciting.  Or maybe life-changing.  But definitely, in speaking with other pagans, Wiccans and witches (oh my!) we seem to agree that there is just something in the air.

There is a rush to work magic.  To cast a spell to make everything better.  To meditate, cleanse, charge, recharge, cast….and on and on.  Mercury is in retrograde!  The moon is full!  It’s a blue moon!  No, it’s a wolf moon!  Aliens!  This is a somewhat unsettling time for everyone, and we are feeling the slightly crazed energy all around us.  Underneath everything, like the proverbial river running through it, there is a current of urgency.  Of needing to do something, desperately feeling that we need to grab back some control or regain some balance.

We are hearing calls of “I need!”  I need a spell to make someone fall in love with me!  I need a spell of protection!  I need a spell to keep bad people away!  To make good people come forward!  To make my children behave! (Seriously, let me know if you figure that one out.)  To freeze!  To banish!  To grow!  To dispel!  To bring!   Use crystals, use hair, use black salt!  Candles!  No, incense!  No, herbs!  Teas!  Phew, it’s exhausting!

Seriously, witch!  Take a breath, and ground yourself!

The top three most effective methods of grounding are:

Grounding with meditation:

This method is easiest for people who have the ability to focus, have a creative imagination and can successfully tune out the outside world. It works well for those who can make the time and will take the time to spend several minutes to sit quietly and envision reconnecting to earth.  It literally can be done anywhere.    You sit quietly, eyes closed or soft focused on an object that helps you envision connection.  Imagine your body connecting through the soles of your feet or your sacral chakra to the earth.  You can envision roots extending deep into the earth, to the core.  This helps you feel more steady and balanced.  Deep breathing techniques, focusing on your energy is also a crucial part of meditation.  Your breath should flow in and out easily.  Holding your hands in a relaxed position, envisioning your power hand pushing out negativity and anxiety and your secondary hand receiving positivity and calm…ahhhhhh.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  This isn’t yoga.  It’s just sitting (or standing or kneeling or laying down…) quietly and comfortably and letting yourself release and connect.

Grounding physically:

This method is great for people with high energy that may have trouble sitting or standing quietly.  It’s about going outside and physically connecting with the earth.  Lay in the grass.  Walk barefooted, feeling the earth. Make a snow angel.  Climb mountains, hike a trail, gather stones and sticks (with permission).  Dig your hands in the dirt of a garden.  The point of this method is to literally touch the ground and receive the solid vibrational pull directly from the earth.  You feel as though you are a part of this magical sphere, spinning through the galaxy.  It’s very invigorating and energizing, but yet reassuring and centering.

Grounding with stones and crystals:  

 Made of the earth, by the earth, many feel that crystals and stones have their own energies.  Have you ever found a stone that just feels…buzzy?  Are you drawn to certain crystals?  I prefer using stones with a heavy earth energy such as hematite or tourmaline, or stones with a cleansing energy, such as selenite and amethyst.  The shapes of the stones, the size of the stones, and the color of the stones really don’t matter.  It’s how you feel while holding and using them.  Stones particularly good for working with the sacral or “root” chakra are red carnelian, red jasper, obsidian and smoky quartz.  All of them help with grounding and connection.  You can just sit quietly holding the stones and absorbing their energy.  You can carry them with you in a pocket or tucked in your bra.  You can place them on your altar as a reminder to connect.  Do what feels right.

Helping to stay grounded in chaos is especially necessary to be effective in magic work.  Working powerful spells can result in an imbalance if you don’t stay connected.  It’s difficult to focus your intentions when you are feeling off course or left of center.   Staying grounded should be the first step on your journey to following your path.


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