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When​ ​You’ve​ ​Lost​ ​Faith:​ ​Crystals​ ​to​ ​Overcome​ ​Self​-​Doubt

When​ ​You've​ ​Lost​ ​Faith:​ ​Crystals​ ​to​ ​Overcome​ ​Self​-​Doubt

Understanding and patience are not my strong suits.  I want to cast a money spell and open my front door and find a bag of money on my doorstep.  I want to light a few candles, spin in my circle, and then immediately meet Mr. Right in the grocery line.  I want to mix up an inner beauty spell and suddenly see beams of light radiating out of my palms and eyeballs.  This isn’t real magic or spellwork.  This is “in the movies” magic.  When I don’t see an instant result of my craft, that old self-doubt starts creeping in. Recently, I’ve struggled with feeling futile – as though I am convinced that the spells I’m casting aren’t working, that I’m not making a difference, that I’m not helping myself or others.  When I need a little help with encouragement or a boost to my self-esteem, I start to question myself and my methods.

The best way for me to “get over” this tough spot is to pick up some crystals, focus on intentions, and walk through to the other side.  My favorite crystals for this purpose are:  

Calcite“The Mover and Shaker” – calcite comes in a variety of colors, but its main use is to release stagnant energy. It removes negative energy from the environment, and “shakes you up” and gets you going towards your goals.  It connects your emotions with your intelligence and creates a harmony between what you know in your mind and what you know in your heart.

Green Aventurine“The Harmonizer” – helps to advance your wishes into tangible results, aids in ensuring success when making changes.  Helps to bring understanding to what lies underneath setbacks or indecision.  Calms anxiety, helps bring the past into the future with ease and creates a smooth transition into change.  Brings chaos back into control and settles conflicts. 

Sodalite“The Truth Seeker” – brings insight from your third eye chakra to your mind, helping to allow you to accept what you know to be true.  It influences self-esteem, self-truth, and self-acceptance.  It helps to release doubts, grief, and guilt.  Calms panic attacks, and overcomes defensiveness and oversensitivity.

Lepidolite“The Energizer” – brings positive energy and abolishes depression and stress.  Lepidolite clears up psychic smog, helping to provide clarity during moments of self-doubt and confusion.  It is used to improve your throat and crown chakras, allowing you to speak your truth and understand where your doubt is coming from.

Rose quartz – “The Lover” – another crystal that is perfect for healing your heart and recovering from old wounds to your psyche. Acts as a conduit for forgiveness and acceptance.  It promotes self-love and self-understanding.

Goldstone“The Ambitious One” – can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination.  When you start to lose faith, it can help bring you back around to try, try, try again.  Strengthens your inner self and boosts confidence.

Tigers Eye“The Practical One” – Brings financial stability, protection, and clear thinking.  Helps in business transactions or money spells.  Used to resolve inner conflicts and scattered thoughts.  Helps to focus and bring about results.

Red Jasper“The Nurturer” – provides assurance when troubled by doubt.  When nervous to take the next chance or stepping out of your comfort zone, red jasper is deeply calming and provides comfort and ease.  It assists in determination and courage, allowing you to overcome setbacks in reaching your goals.  Provides long-term confidence for achieving bigger goals, and a sense of encouragement when your inner strength needs a boost.  Carry as a worry stone, in a pocket, or place under your pillow overnight.

Amethyst – “Protection” – provides assistance in overcoming judgment and fear of failure, and opens a connection to your loved ones who have passed.  This helps us feel not so alone.  

Agate“The Analyzer” – allows you to look deep into yourself to understand where your self-doubt is coming from.  Encourages practical thinking, so that your expectations are balanced and reasonable.  The patterns of the agate help to create calm and soothe a troubled mind.  Helps with patience, and thoughtful contemplation.

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