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11 Surprising Kitchen Ingredients To Make Powerful Magic

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Did you know that these common household herbs found in your kitchen can be used to create powerful magic?   Most of the items listed below can be found in just about every kitchen cupboard or pantry, and you don’t need anything more than a candle or a cauldron to release their magical powers.

Here are 11 herbs and spices that aren’t just for fried chicken…

Salt – used in spells of protection, can be mixed with fireplace ash, pepper and incense ash to make black salt. Common household salt can be used to form a circle of protection, can be sprinkled in potions, can be sprinkled over burning candles to enhance their power.  Salt is often poured at entries to the home, windowsills and doorways to protect the home and those that dwell in it.

Basil – wards off harmful thoughts and actions,  promotes good deeds, used in spells for luck and money, manifestation spells, and love spells, chases off paranormal spirits and entities.

Rosemary – retains a youthful feeling, use in spells to succeed at school or work, enhances memory, and in meditation and dreamwork to allow you to remember your dreams and interpret them properly.  Helps connect you with past lives.

Parsley – promotes love and fertility, increased lust or libido, in happiness spells, increased strength and vitality, assist in contacting astral beings, clairvoyance and in spells connecting with the dead.

Bay Leaves – commonly used to make wishes come true – write your wishes on a bay leaf and burn in the flame of a white candle to increase your chances of making your wishes come true.

Cinnamon – protection from evil intentions, attracts love and money, used in combination with other herbs to enhance their spellbinding power.  Helps relieve certain pains from illness.  Used in bags and talismans, and blended with other herbs.

Coriander – used in spells for guidance, clearing away negative thoughts, helping with decision making, used in love spells, spells for wisdom and spells to be able to be more forceful or vocal and less oppressed.

Peppermint –  strong protection and healing herb, can be used in a floor wash to rid the home of negativity or unwanted spirit, breaking bad habits, fresh mint on the altar calls spirits to your spell making to assist and strengthen your magic.

Sage – while using white sage to smudge and cleanse a home is well known – the sage used in cooking offers other uses in spell casting in court cases, to aid in using wisdom in making decisions, luck, money, prosperity spells and breaking love bonds that are unhealthy  

Turmeric -speeds metabolism, energy boosting (both physical and mental), purification of mind and spirit, sensuality, improved sexual relationships

Cayenne – add to protection blends and spells to enhance their power, breaks unwanted bonds, breaks hexes and negative emotional ties, removes blockages and barriers to achieving your goals.  Cayenne is also used for emotional upset.  Use with caution with a love spell, as it can result in a fiery relationship that burns hot but fades out fast.

Ready to try it yourself?  Please check out my post “Creating Protection Salt on Samhain” for a quick and easy spell using some of these common ingredients.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “11 Surprising Kitchen Ingredients To Make Powerful Magic

  1. I’m curious as to how you use the cinnamon, parsley and peppermint. TY!

    1. Hello! Cinnamon can be burned as an incense, placed on an altar, or tied in bundles (stick form) and hung on a door or in a window. Parsley can be nibbled (did you know that this is how parsley became commonly used as a garnish on plates? It was supposed to protect the person consuming the food from harm from the preparer!), worn, tied in bundles in the window and even worn in a pouch. I use peppermint in teas, to settle the stomach, it can be used on the altar to call spirits forth, and can be dried and used in herb spells that you sprinkle over the candle flame or in a cauldron. Do note that if pregnant, care should be taken with using any of the spells and herbs contained in the post!

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