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Best Crystals for Kick-Starting an Amazing New Year

Red pendulum on selenite with new year 2018 in left lower corner

Whether you want to make huge changes in your life (a relationship change, a move to a new home, a new career, turning a hobby into a business) or small changes (learning more, earning more, tweaking here and there) – there are stones and crystals to help guide you through.  As the year draws to a close, and we have ended our reflection of the past, and have turned our thoughts to the new year, there are crystals and stones that can be used to focus those thoughts and help manifest them into a reality.

Here are some of my favorites:

Merlinite – “The Shaman Stone” – provides access to accurate past and future reflection -allows better insight into the future and guidance in setting your path to achieving your goals.  Merlinite is black and white, combining both elements of past regret with a bright future, allowing you to make positive changes for better outcomes.  Wear around the neck to focus on the future or place at the base of your skull to reflect on the past.

Ruby – “The Motivator” – starts a fire of passion in your soul.  Enables you to set realistic goals, and achieve them.  Supports a passionate spirit, a thirst for achievement, and is a powerful stone of encouragement.  Relates physically to blood and heart, preventing psychic attack, and allowing you to stay focused on accomplishments and your heart’s desire.  Wear at the heart, on the finger, or at the ankle.  

Red Jasper – “The Nurturer” – provides assurance when troubled by doubt.  When nervous to take the next chance or stepping out of your comfort zone, red jasper is deeply calming and provides comfort and ease.  It assists in determination and courage, allowing you to overcome setbacks in reaching your goals.  Provides long-term confidence for achieving bigger goals, and a sense of encouragement when your inner strength needs a boost.  Carry as a worry stone, in a pocket, or place under your pillow overnight.

Moonstone – “New Beginnings” – often used in divination and for building confidence, the moonstone has been used in strengthening psychic abilities and enhancing clairvoyance.  What better stone to use for making changes that impact the future?  Moonstone calms overreactions to psychic triggers and helps aid in the cycles of change.  Named after the moon, and how it waxes and wanes, it is strongly linked to intuition.  A favorite when working to understand the future, moonstone is the perfect choice to help you make a fresh start.  Place in a windowsill at night to recharge this stone with the moon’s magic.  Wear as a ring, place on the appropriate spot on the body (forehead when seeking guidance, heart when experiencing emotional setback).

Green Aventurine – “The Harmonizer” – helps to advance your wishes into tangible results, aids in ensuring success when making changes.  Helps to bring understanding to what lies underneath setbacks or indecision.  Calms anxiety, helps bring the past into the future with ease and creates a smooth transition into change.  Brings chaos back into control and settles conflicts.  Wear at ears to settle nausea or worry, as a necklace to calm a rapid heartbeat, or at the wrist to bring anxious thoughts back to the positive.

Labradorite – “The Mystic” – helps dispel self-delusions so that focus can be brought to reality. Helps to connect us to spirit guides that enable us to make better decisions.  Clears away emotional clouds to help set a realistic and attainable goal.  Often used in astral travel, and during connection with spirit – helps the subconscious connect to the mind, empowering positive change.  Protects the aura, prevents an attack of negative thought or action and self-sabotage.  Supports a positive sense of self and self-promotion.  Wear near the heart, or place on a table during planning or meditation while preparing for change.

As you set your New Year’s resolutions and intentions, we hope that working with these crystals and stones will help improve your results and succeed where others fail.  Keeping focused, staying determined and exploring other methods to achieve an amazing result will ultimately lead to a blessed and abundant new year!

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