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Ghosts Across America: My Top 7 Haunted Hotspots

With more than 15 years of visiting active paranormal locations, I have created a list of my top seven haunted places, based on my personal experiences there, how active the place seemed to be, and how intense the activity was that I captured.  I have investigated some of the locations multiple times, and am planning on returning to several others.

#7 Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island, Michigan

Famous for its fudge, horse drawn carriages and its history, Mackinac Island proved to have plenty of paranormal attractions as well.  From seeing full body apparitions in the hotel, to will o’ the wisps at the water line, watching extraterrestrial activity appear before our very eyes, and an encounter with a spirit who communicated through a spirit box, Mackinac Island rates a solid 7 on my “top haunted locations” list.

#6 The Anderson Hotel, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

I had some insecurities about investigating at the Anderson.  Several paranormal investigators had been bitten in the rooms of this shut-down hotel, a young woman took her life there in 1991 and her blood-soaked mattress is still in the room, and an angry male spirit who “does not like women being in his room” are all part of the haunts.  We did experience the young woman who took her life by actually speaking to her as the teenager she was, playing popular late 80’s and 90’s music – to which she responded enthusiastically by lighting up the K2.  We also captured a Class A EVP in the angry male’s room yelling at us women to “GET OUT”, and also captured EVPs of a spirit repeating the investigator’s prompts as he talked about the haunted objects in the hallway.  

#5 The Belvoir Winery, Liberty, Missouri

Child spirits pulling on my sister’s sweater, lighting up K2 meters when we sang, and another awesome EVP from Billy, the Idol of Nightmares during our investigation occurred at Belvoir.  (When Greg Newkirk, curator of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult asked Billy what he thought of all of these people that were scared of him or thought he was scary, Billy clearly replied “I’m not scary!”)  

Belvoir is a beautiful location as well, fully embracing their haunted history, and offering a fabulous wine tasting, and some newly renovated rooms to stay in – as long as you aren’t too creeped out by full body apparitions of little girls in the room!

#4 The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

A stunningly beautiful (and permanently docked) ship that has seen her fair share of deaths, the Queen Mary was an awesome experience of an EVP-filled seance with John Tenney, Greg and Dana Newkirk and Billy, a magic show with Aiden Sinclair, and a personal experience with a child spirit in the room that my mom and sister shared.
Our Haunted Adventures: The Queen Mary
We interacted with this spirit with a dowsing rod/K2 combination, with positive correlating hits on both, my sister having her shoes moved in the middle of the night, and the sound of the tinny music of an old time Jack In The Box playing in the middle of the night.

#3 The Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

The location, architecture and grounds of the Omni Mount Washington Resort are fabulous enough for a visit, but the promise of speaking directly with The Princess in her suite certainly adds to the experience!  I was able to investigate in many areas of the hotel, and even got to have a private reading with Stephanie Burke. The 45 minute long interactive conversation with the Princess who had died 82 years before our arrival made this an experience I will never forget.  The Princess has a very unique voice (famously captured on the television show GhostHunters) and is quite a pleasant spirit to visit with (as strange as that sounds).  She spoke with us, advising where her favorite place to visit was (Fleur de Mer), thanking us for praying with her, and when asked about a certain commissioned portrait of her husband (the portrait isn’t really of her husband, due to an error by the artist) hanging in the hallway of the hotel, she answered “It doesn’t matter.”   

#2 The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado is one of the most beautiful I have ever visited.  Elk literally roam the grounds and town, the Hotel is very close to a national park, and it is common to see deer, billy goats, elk and other animal life up close.  However, the experience with spirit at the Stanley (famously the inspiration for The Shining, by Stephen King) helped solidify my belief in the paranormal and the existence of spirit that can and does communicate.  Our group was in the men’s study or parlour at one point, and the resident ghost crew at the Stanley (now with a webseries called Spirits of the Stanley) was using the Estes Experiment to communicate.  A male spirit loudly and emphatically called me a “BITCH!” when I asked if he liked women in his parlour, and later that evening, we communicated with another spirit known as Eddie in the employee tunnel down under the hotel.  Our most intense experience was in a room (again made famous with a glass shattering in an episode of GhostHunters) that had about 20 people in it sitting in the dark.  Suddenly people across the room from us were no longer visible to us, it seemed as though all of their equipment’s lights had gone out at once.  A large black oppressive mass started to fill the room, and a woman across the room from us gasped a bit and said “I can no longer see the women on the couch” (my mother and me), as the mass blocked our views of each other.  It continued to grow and fill the room and then “whooshed” right up into our faces.  It felt as though it was an inch from our noses and was studying us.  It was really intense, and cemented my belief in that instant.

#1 The Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Centre, Minnesota

While there are plenty of spirits at the Palmer (I have investigated there 5 or 6 times, and am going again in March), it’s the people that own and operate the hotel, and the way that they respect those who have passed on and still remain at the hotel that makes this location my number 1 favorite haunted spot.  The hotel itself is a Victorian charmer, with original stained glass, beautiful woodwork, and a mecca of invisible guests.  We have had our share of experiences in our favorite room (Room 12) where we have had EVPs, K2 activity and interaction with a spirit box, and have heard disembodied voices.  We also interacted with a young male spirit in the “children’s room” (a playroom on the third floor) who answered our questions by turning a flashlight on and off on command for over 30 minutes.  The basement is also very active, with K2 activity, shadow people, and an eerie lifesize snowman decoration that has been seen to move on its own, raising a hand slightly the last time I was there. My daughter had her chair nudged slightly (feeling slightly like an earthquake), and I have had a spirit roll a ball off of my palm.  We often investigate with some fantastic paranormal researchers from Things That Go Bump MN, and MN Ghost Box, as well as an energy practitioner named Suzanne Worthley.  The restaurant also has a beautiful pub, and serves phenomenal food as well, and their staff are absolutely wonderful.

We are always looking for new and unusual locations with haunted activity and have some upcoming trips booked to investigate at the Lizzie Borden house in Massachusetts and at St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida.  Where should we go next?

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2 thoughts on “Ghosts Across America: My Top 7 Haunted Hotspots

  1. Hi Debi! Liked your visits! I Live close to Lizzy’s house and PLEASE don’t waste your time and money going there. Nothing to it and Staff at the B&B do everything to try and fake you out of things that aren’t there. Hide recorders, Quija Boards, and electro magnets…. Been there many times and place is run poorly.

  2. Hey Skip – thanks for taking the time to read my blog and thank you for sharing your experience at the Lizzie Borden house. I have already booked my trip, but I will certainly keep an eye out for what you mentioned! Thanks for the tip!

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