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Black Salt – How to Use It, How to Make It

Gray granite mortar and pestle, small burlap bag, and glass bottle of black salt with a twine bow and cork..Black salt is traditionally used to banish, prevent, and dispel negativity.   There are many commercial versions that can be purchased, but as with all magic, it’s best to create your own, with the appropriate intentions.  Black salt can be sprinkled in doorways and windowsills to prevent unwelcome spirits and visitors.  It can be placed in a small container and hidden in work spaces to help eliminate gossip and energy vampires.  It can even be mixed with lavender buds and placed in a small sachet under your pillow to help dispel bad dreams.  Drawing a line in salt outside your doorway after an unwanted or troublesome guest leaves will help them take their negative vibes with them, and prevent them from re-entering your home.

Black salt can also be used in hexes and in breaking curses.  Some have used it for cleansing and charging scrying mirrors.  Be aware of the old saying “Salt will do what you tell it to do”: as with any magic, your intentions are important when making and using black salt.

There are many methods to make black salt, but I am sharing a tried and true traditional recipe that I have had excellent success with.  I use a mortar and pestle to grind the ingredients together after preparing them individually, and I use a 3 -to- 1 ratio of salt to crushed charcoal to have the best blend.


3 Tablespoons sea salt

1 Tablespoon activated charcoal

3 cones of incense

Preparation: Burn 3 incense cones of your choice.  You can bless this process by using a singing bowl or stating your intentions for the salt.  Using a mortar and pestle, grind your charcoal to a fine grain (similar to the grain of your sea salt).  Add the salt to the charcoal and stir in the ashes of the incense.  Mix the ingredients slowly and carefully, as the powder from the black salt can be very light, and often rises like smoke.  You will need to be careful of the work space – don’t breathe in the mist that can rise.  Charcoal can be staining, so cover your clothing and your work space.

Other methods:  Use ashes from a bonfire or fire pit or crushed black chalk in place of the charcoal.  Use kosher salt instead of sea salt.  (Do not use table salt, as it contains iodine and is no longer pure.)  Don’t use any wet ingredients such as incense oils or essential oils, as this will cause the salt to clump.  You want the salt to be pourable and dry.

Store the black salt in an airtight container to prevent it clumping.

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2 thoughts on “Black Salt – How to Use It, How to Make It

  1. Can you use herbs instead of incense cones?

    1. Yes, you absolutely can. You are just looking for some ash, and I have actually made it with the ashes of burnt bay leaves, or dried rosemary, dried dill, whatever you choose. I have also seen others use activated charcoal to get the salt to be black, but that is purely symbolic.

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