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12 Wonderful Ways To Use Rose Petals In Magic

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and some of you sentimental (and practical) people have saved your roses – and may be wondering… now what?  You can use fresh petals from your garden or you can use those roses from Valentine’s Day! Uses for fresh rose petals: Candied rose petals – wash them, pat them […]

Blessed Bee! Using Honey in Magic and Ritual

“And when they are inspired through eating yellow honey, they are willing to speak truth; but if they be deprived of the gods’ sweet food, then they speak falsely, as they swarm in and out together.” – Homeric Hymn to Hermes, trans., Hugh G. Evelyn-White “Next I’ll discuss the heavenly gift of honey from the […]

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8 Ways to Honor the Super Blue Blood Moon

The Super Blue Blood Moon that is occurring on January 31st is the first one any of us will experience, as the last one was 150 years ago!  It is a rare trifecta of a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon.  A “supermoon” is when a full moon occurs at the same time […]

Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies, & Metaphysical Education

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Merry meet!  At Sticks & Stones Magic we offer top of the line hand-selected Wiccan supplies, witchcraft supplies, hoodoo and occult supplies, tools, techniques, and education to guide our customers through their personal journey into the metaphysical and magical world. Whether your chosen path is white magic, dark magic, kitchen magic, eclectic, earth-grounding, chakra healing, reiki, voodoo, hoodoo, santería, or a combination, you will find what you need here.

We celebrate using the bounty of Mother Earth for many of our handcrafted items and create our items with pure intention.  We celebrate the diversity of practices and are most familiar with paganism and garden magic.

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Incense for your Pagan Altar

Burning incense is a traditional practice among diverse cultures worldwide. Different regions have produced and used different traditional incense varieties based on local plant life, which release aromatic smoke when burned or heated.

Long ago, sacred scents like frankincense resin and palo santo were used in religious rituals to serve as symbolic representations of divine intent, to create an atmosphere of holiness and solemnity, and to aid in inducing transcendent or ecstatic ritual states. Since then, while still common in religious and mystical contexts, the use of incense has developed to include a much broader variety of materials, methods, and motivations. For instance, cone incense and stick incense consisting of an all-in-one combination of aromatic herbs or oils, combustible material, and a binding material like gum arabic or guar gum can be lit in burners to produce fragrant smoke directly. Innumerable scents and colors are commercially available. Loose incense consisting of resins, wood, herbs, and other substances can be used together with charcoal discs to release their aromas.

Here at Sticks and Stones Magic, we offer a broad selection of incense in these various forms, as well as censers or burners to catch the ash and diffuse the heat from burning it, keeping your home and altar safe.

Discover Mortar and Pestle Sets

Mortar and pestles have been used since ancient times to grind and combine ingredients into a fine powder or paste. Depending on what you are grinding, there are many sizes, styles and materials available to the modern day witch. Today, they are generally used in grinding dried herbs, salts, dried flowers and other ingredients in spell work.

Wood - ideally used for softer ingredients. The wooden mortar and pestle is perfect for fresh herbs, fine-grain salts and wet ingredients. When choosing your wood mortar and pestle, look for treated hardwoods that won’t absorb odors or moisture. Hard ingredients (fennel seeds, rock salt, stone) can scratch and gouge wood mortars as their density is stronger than the wood itself.

Lava Stone (Molcajete) - ideal for heavy duty grinding and round grain or seeds. It has a textured interior that is quite strong and allows you to grind coriander or poppy seeds without them sliding out of the mortar. It is porous and has nooks and crannies - so liquids can soak into the stone, and it will require a good cleaning after use. Can experience grit from the lava stone in your mixture.

Marble - one of the heaviest sets, marble is ideal for harder grinding such as rock salt, and very hard seeds. It has a smooth interior that helps with consistency of the size of the grind. Non-absorbent interior, but can scratch if very hard materials are ground. Also not ideal for round seeds, as it is very slick and smooth in the middle, and they tend to slide around rather than grind down.

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